Bjarni Geir
CEO and Guide
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Reykjanes Tours is a family-run company that provided guided tours all around Iceland for smaller groups of 2-10 people. Our goal is to have fun while providing an educational tour.

Just minutes from Keflavik Internation Airport you will discover a lunar landscape pitted with volcanic and geothermal wonders and a surf-pounded coast with one of the best sunsets in Iceland. This rugged peninsula of raw natural beauty holds several of the top cultural and recreational attractions, including the world famous Blue Lagoon.

Your travel companion around Iceland

At Reykjanes Tours we specialize in the Reykjanes area and its surroundings, but also provide longer trips around other areas of Iceland. Get the most out of your trip to Iceland and contact us now to plan your adventure

Could not have asked for a better guided tour!!


Bjarni took a lot of time to drive us to the best of the best sites of the Golden Circle. He was funny and a great guide.

– sailorgirl123, Westchester County, New York –

A dream tour! Private, personal, above and beyond!


This is the BEST way to tour! Bjarni knows how to offer the best of Iceland and the best of customer service.

– FLYINNOW, Brantford, Ontario, Canada –

We guarantee an exciting journey in Iceland

At Reykjanes Tours we provide personalized service in small groups. Our goal is to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. All trips offer a taste of traditional Icelandic delicacies, such as dried fish and smoked lamb. Additionally we offer individual tours tailored to your needs. Contact us now to plan your adventure.